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The Indian kitchen is a treasure trove of spices. Be it the garam masala, chicken masala, channa masala. chat masala, curry masala, the Indian cuisine, with a dash of this and a sprinkling of that, uses every kind of spice and spice powders to create extraordinary dishes.

So, whether you're looking for the deeply complex garam masala, or the tangy chat masala, or the straight forward (nonetheless delicious) chicken masala, or the handy curry masala you can find them all on our website. We are experts at putting together blends like butter chicken masala, chetinadu masala, dal makhani masala, fish masala that are unique to Zaiqa.

The secret spice blends from Zaiqa The Spice Store, with their authentic aromas and spot on flavours, promise you not just wonderful meals but also an experience that you will cherish time and again. Relish Restaurant like flavours at home with our Special Premium Spice Blends & Rubs. For Order or Any Enquiries, Please Contact Us: 91-9940 555 657

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